Modern, thin coat, silicone render

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Traditional sand and cement render



Internal plastering works.


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What is silicone render?

Silicone render is an example of a thin coat render. It is applied to the substrate at 6-8mm and so it is extremely flexible, preventing cracking. The renders come in a range of colours and finishes, taking away the need to paint or upkeep the face of your home. It's breathable surface allows water vapour to pass through it, also preventing damp. Silicone renders are also hydrophobic which enables it to be self cleaning.

What are the benefits?

  • Aesthetically pleasing

  • Rich colour palette

  • Hydrophobic

  • Self cleaning

  • Breathable

  • Freezeproof

  • Low maintenance and long lasting

Why choose us as installers?

We work exclusively with EWI PRO's extensive range of products and not cheap imitations. Being directly accredited by EWI means that not only do we provide the best products, we’re able to demonstrate correct application of their range.

EWI PROs render systems have been used in Europe for over 15 years. Formulated and tested to the most stringent standards, this ensures we offer the highest quality and most durable options are designed to last for years to come

Are there any guarantees?

Yes, we are able to provide  a ten year manufacturers guarantee in most circumstances. 


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What is sand and cement render?

Sand and cement is a traditional, exterior render coating with a flush finish. This thick coat render is applied to the substrate at a depth of between 10 and 15mm using a sand and cement mixture.  

What is it ideal for?

  • New builds, where movement is less likely

  • Where maintenance or upkeep is not an issue (repainting, or crack repairs) although easy to repair and rectify.

  • Appliance in harsher months, easier to dry than other coatings. 

Why choose us as installers?

Our experience and attention to detail ensure a perfect, clean and flush finish. We are always revising our methods of application and equipment. 

Are there any guarantees?

No, we are unable to provide a guarantee with sand and cement render as it can be prone to cracking due to being a thick coat application. 



What types of plastering works do we carry out?

We offer plastering services to local residential clients in Worcester Park and surrounding areas. 

Why choose us as installers?

We pride ourselves in being specialist installers. What you can expect from us:

Minimum disruption 

Maximum protection and cleanliness

Small, personable and polite team 

Expert, flawless installation