How to get rid of pebbledash, without removing it

Removing existing pebbledash can be time consuming, costly and messy work.

Thats why, in modern years - new products have provided solutions that are able to go directly over the top of pebbledash without having to remove it.

Can i render over the top of existing pebbledash?

You are able to render over the top of existing pebbledash, provided that it is in good condition. In order to find out, we ask the following questions:

1) Is the pebble dash blown?

To find out, you can do this with a hammer test. Lightly tap the wall in different areas with a hammer to see if it sounds hollow. If it sounds hollow, the pebbledash will need to be removed as it is no longer bound to the wall.

2) Are there cracks running through the pebbledash?

If there are large cracks, or numerous this would suggest that there is movement in the existing render and it will need to be removed.

3) What is the size of the aggregate?

if the stones are larger than 30mm in diameter - they will be too large to conceal.

I can render over the top of my pebbledash, what is the process?

Before and after: Rendering over the top of pebbledash.

There are one of two ways that this can be carried out:

1) Appliance of a one coat dash cover system to the existing pebble dash followed by a silicone render system

2) Appliance of insulation boards followed by silicone render system

Things to consider before rendering over the top of pebbledash

  • If you have any windows or doors that need to be replaced, this will have to be done prior to works commencing.

  • Do you have old down pipes/ soil stacks/ fascias and gutters that need to be replaced?

  • Do you have enough space on your window cills to allow for the extra 20mm silicone render system or 50mm for insulation boards?


You can render over the top of existing pebbledash when using a thin coat silicone render system, provided that it is in good condition.

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