What is Silicone Render?

Also known as coloured render, or K REND.

Becoming increasingly popular due to its range of colour application, good looks and long lasting application - this modern render technique is growing by demand.


  • Can be applied over the top of multiple substrates

  • Materials are supplied self coloured, great consistency

  • Thin coat render system not prone to cracking

  • Aesthetically pleasing

  • Vapour permeable - repels water

  • Breathable

  • Easy to apply

  • A range of colours to choose from

How much does it cost?

Variant on the type of substrate, level of preparation required, colour and finish chosen - Silicone Render is typically priced per square metre.

To work out the square metre of the area required - multiply the length and height of each surface area required and add these together.

Materials will vary, dependent on the substrate however as a general rule of thumb you can expect to require the following:

  • Primer

  • Basecoat

  • Fibreglass Mesh

  • Silicone Render

  • Beading

As a guide, you can expect to pay around £11 per square metre in materials dependent on the provider being used.

Installation prices vary, from the existing substrate to access and protection required. For free quotes and advice contact Lucy to arrange a booking.

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