Silicone Render

What is silicone render?

Silicone render is a self coloured render which is applied to the substrate at 6-8mm. This makes it extremely flexible with the natural movement of a property, preventing cracking. Also known as 'coloured render' 'thin coat' or 'K Rend' The render contains potassium crystals and silicone emulsion mixed together to offer a breathable, flexible, hydrophobic and self-cleaning product to stand the test of time.

What colour silicone render can i choose?

Our suppliers range of Silicone Renders come pre-coloured and have self-cleaning and anti-bio growth properties which means your colour will stay clean and bright for longer. The Silicone Renders are also UV resistant which helps prevent colour fade. Our supplier takes colour matching seriously and can match even the finest nuance of colour. Typically, we see our clients go for a classic off white colour.

Can silicone render be applied in winter months?

Smaller areas can be carried out using a winter base coat, accellorators to help drying times. This can take longer but does not effect the price

Will silicone render solve my damp issues?


How long does silicone render last?

How much does it cost to render a house?

The cost of house rendering depends on a number of factors. These include the type of rendering product chosen, the size of the house, the existing condition of the walls, accessibility for your rendering professionals and whether any preparation work needs to be done before the rendering can take place. We will provide a no-obligation quote based on your individual needs and your property. Our expert estimators will consider all necessary factors before issuing you with a reliable quote without pressure. We offer an extremely high-quality service at highly competitive prices and our customers are pleased to choose K Rend in the knowledge that it will provide a superior finish to protect their homes and to last the test of time.

Is silicone render the right choice for me?

Silicone render could be the right choice for you if: You are looking for a low maintenance, long lasting finish

Do you provide a guarantee?


Can silicone render be cleaned?

Yes, K Rend can be cleaned and in fact, it should be cleaned as part of a general care approach on an annual basis. This can be done with a gentle pressure wash and a suitable detergent. The annual clean will remove any grime build-up from the elements and help to ensure that its colour and appearance can show through to best effect! For buildings which are in particularly damp areas, there are fungicidal washes that can also be applied once a year to prevent algae build-up and further protect the natural weatherproofing nature of K Rend. Our team will provide full advice on cleaning and maintenance for your building when they apply your K Rend render and our team are always on hand for any questions.

Can silicone render be painted?

It can be possible to paint over K Rend with specialist masonry paint but this should only be done after consultation with a K Rend expert who can advise on compatible paints that don’t compromise the breathability of the silicone technology that makes K Rend so effective at weatherproofing. (Regular masonry paint may prevent the breathability of the silicone and render it less effective.) When K Rend is professionally applied by our expert team, the colours will remain true in the longer term, but it is also possible to have a new K Rend colour applied later down the line if you decide that you want a change for any reason! Contact our team to find out more and to receive professional advice that you can trust.

What is the difference between silcicone render and traditional render systems?

Traditional systems based on materials such as cement are cheap but tend to crack, become weathered and lose their finished appearance over time. Crumbling and fissures also start to occur when the underlying structure shifts and the render material may not allow the wall to breathe, which means that water vapour is held within the brick structure rather than evaporating. It offers excellent weatherproofing whilst offering a breathable surface. This prevents algae and lime bloom build-up as well as other signs of weathering. It also gives a superior appearance to the wall and building, lasts for longer than many other render types and comes in a far broader range of colours and even a choice of finishes.

Silicone render vs sand and cement rendering?

Cement rendering is a traditional form of render which mixes cement with sand and applies it to an exterior wall for protection or to an interior wall for a decorative appearance. It can be coloured or textured and is often painted over the top for the desired colour. Although cement rendering has been around for years, it has become less popular in the wake of new technologies such as K Rend. This is because K Rend uses high-tech silicone technology that offers better results. For example, K Rend offers better weatherproofing and a wide range of colours. It also doesn’t need an extra paint layer over the top and will not flake over time or crack when the underlying structure moves, as cement rendering tends to. K Rend is designed to last the test of time and to provide a superior finish. To find out more, contact our team who will be happy to discuss your project and advise further.

Is silicone render waterproof?

K Rend offers a high degree of anti-weathering protection thanks to its advanced silicone finish and high-tech materials. This means that it is rain-resistant and that it also offers a breathable finish for the exterior wall underneath. This is just as important as the weatherproofing element because brick structures will naturally emit water vapour that can otherwise become trapped under the rendering layer. K Rend allows the vapour to disappear which prevents any build-up of unwanted organics over time. In areas of high damp, additional fungicide washes can be applied once a year as part of the general wash and maintenance to ensure that K Rend keeps providing its superior results and offers its characteristic good looks for years to come!

What is the difference between silicone render and K Rend?

There is none